Three Missing Person Cases SOLVED Years Later

8 min readMar 21, 2022

**Information is obtained from the Where are they? Podcast and other online sources as cited**

Amber Ackerle, Brenda Heist, and Shannon Naill are all examples of people who were once missing and found alive and well.

Amber Ackerle from Moorhead, Minnesota, was missing for four years. She was just 15 when she disappeared.

Brenda Heist took her young children to school on the morning of February 8, 2002. She disappeared that same day.

Shannon Naill was a long-distance truck driver, so coming and going was nothing new for him. He was last seen on December 26, 2013, in Des Moines, Iowa before he was soon reported missing.

All three of these cases have been resolved- and pretty favorably considering.


Amber Lace Ackerle was 15 years old in 2003. She lived in Moorhead, Minnesota at the time with her family.

Amber left home on April 10, 2003, and never came back. Her family reported her missing, but likely she became a sad statistic on missing indigenous women that year. Amber was of Native American descent, and her disappearance was classified as a runaway.

Amber’s missing person flier was distributed everywhere possible by family. Her face even was pictured on milk cartons- and it did generate leads.

The police said they had received so many calls and tips about Amber, and each one they followed up on. But none of them even led them to Amber. At least, until 2007, four years later.

Police received a tip that someone thought they saw Amber in a grocery store in Texas.

In fact, it was another customer in the store that recognized her and specifically asked her if she was the girl on the missing person posters- if she was Amber Ackerle. She answered, “Just keep it quiet. Life is good now.”

But, authorities were led to Amber nonetheless.

Amber did reach out and speak to her mother right away. She said after she ran away, she was afraid to contact…


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