The Tragic Disappearance of Kelly McCrary in Indiana

5 min readFeb 26, 2024

Unsolved Murder, Missing Person, or a Tragic Tale of Injustice?

*Information is obtained from the Where are they? Podcast and other online sources as cited*

In June of 1991, Kelly Jo McCrary was a young, married, mother of two children- an infant and a toddler.

She was married to James, and together they lived in Anderson, Indiana. Anderson is a suburban area, sitting just to the Northeast of Indianapolis. Lately, James and Kelly had begun to have some serious marital issues. They were fighting and arguing, quite a bit and Kelly was stressed out.

I can imagine it was a struggle, being just 22 years old, married, having two young children to raise, and working a full-time job trying to get by.

In the very early morning hours of June 8, 1991, Kelly left her house for her job at C.I.C Enterprises. She worked as a customer relations supervisor and left her house that night around 1:10 a.m., according to her husband James.

Kelly drove off in her black 1981 Buick Century, and James proceeded to go to bed.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

The problem is, that Kelly never showed up for work.

The search began for Kelly, but no one knew where she could have gone off to. And no one thought she’d leave her babies behind.

But young mothers have been known to need a mental break- perhaps Kelly just needed some time away?

As the days went on, everyone became more and more sure that something was wrong. Just a few days after Kelly was last seen, James moved out of their home in Anderson and to a place in Linton, Indiana. Linton is over 130 miles away from Anderson. Certainly seems an odd thing to do when your wife has just disappeared.

On June 28, the confusion and fears from Kelly’s family grew as her Buick Century was found parked in the Community Hospital North parking lot, on the north side of Anderson.

Kelly was still nowhere to be found.




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