The Strange Disappearance of Lydia ‘Dia’ Abrams

Information is obtained through the ‘Where are they?’ Podcast and other online sources as cited**



In 2020 Lydia Abrams, known to many as “Dia”, was a wealthy 65-year-old widow living on a 117-acre ranch in Riverside County California. Dia had lost her husband of 34-years, Clem Abrams, in 2018. She inherited the ranch and continued to manage the property.

On the morning of June 6, 2020, Dia woke up and baked cinnamon rolls. Her neighbor was terminally ill, and Dia intended to take these over to them.

Later, she would have lunch with her fiance, Keith Harper. After their lunch, he went off to mow grass. When he returned to the home at 7:30 p.m., he said he couldn’t find Dia anywhere, but noticed her truck was still in the drive and that she had left behind her purse, cell phone, and keys.

He reported her missing the following morning.

To this date, there have been no clues as to Dia’s whereabouts.

Where is Dia Abrams?

Who was Dia?

Dia Abrams and her husband Clem Abrams lived a very comfortable lifestyle. No- that’s an understatement. They were worth millions by all accounts. Clem was a successful real estate developer and had built his family a fortune.

Dia and Clem had two children, a son Clinton and a daughter Crisara.

Dia was a huge animal lover, a beautiful woman who took great lengths to maintain her appearance, and was extremely compassionate and caring to others.

In 2018, Clem passed away and named his adult children as executors of his estate. When Clem and Dia had married in 1984, they had a prenuptial agreement. Because of the particulars of that agreement, there would be some court visits for Dia to try and get access to their finances.

Some would say she was in a court battle with her kids over that, but her kids have come out and said that is not true. Some have said that she was estranged from her two kids, but both kids have stated since her disappearance that that was false. Remember I said this case gets confusing? Just wait.




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