FOUND! Stephanie Torres Found After Divers Search the Brazos River

4 min readJul 25, 2022

Stephanie Torres was just 43 years old when she was last seen on December 21, 2017, in Waco, Texas. Stephanie was driving a Kia Rio, a vehicle that also went missing.

During that time in her life, Stephanie was in a bad place. She was struggling with Fibromyalgia and was in an extreme amount of pain on most days. Her family remembers hearing her cry in the shower due to the pain. Stephanie did take medication to help with the symptoms, but the medication brought on depression and thoughts of suicide.

On the night of December 21, as Stephanie threatened to leave her home just after midnight, her family tried to block her from getting out of the driveway.

Ultimately, Stephanie was able to drive away.

Her family stated she might also have been intoxicated at that time, and they were very concerned.

This wasn’t the first time Stephanie had acted in this way, and each time before she had come back after a few days. They hoped this time would be the same, although they were even more concerned because she left behind her wallet and her cell phone leaving her with no resources.

Source: Bring Stephanie Torres Home Facebook Page

Sadly, this time would be very different.

They reported her missing, and investigators started looking for Stephanie. They learned she may have been dating a man named ‘Bruce’, but didn’t have many details.

They also put her license plate number into a database, so the whole state of Texas could be on alert for it.

Detectives also called around to different pharmacies to see if she might have refilled her medication. She had not.

Texas authorities continually ran into dead ends with every lead they followed- although there weren’t many leads to begin with for them to investigate.

Bianca, one of Stephanie’s daughters, was trying everything she could think of to find her mom.

That’s when she contacted Adventures with Purpose. Adventures with Purpose, AWP, is a group of divers who use their sonar…


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