Five Unsolved Missing Persons Cases in Ohio

*Information is obtained from the Where Are They? podcast and other online sources as cited*



The Buckeye State has its fair share of unsolved missing person cases.

Here are five cases that remain unsolved. Someone out there holds the answers.


In 2017, a 25-year-old young woman vanished from Miamisburg, Ohio. That girl was Chelsey Coe.

Chelsey’s life was not without struggles, but she was trying. Because of Chelsey’s lifestyle, her family wasn’t immediately alarmed when they didn’t hear from her. Her mother remembers the last time she spoke to Chelsey was in July of 2017.

Sadly, it wouldn’t be until September of 2017 that Chelsey was officially reported missing. The search for Chelsey was pretty intense and involved closing down local roads and parks while law enforcement conducted property searches, but Chelsey wouldn’t be found.

Chelsey was one of several young women to vanish in southern Ohio between 2014–2017. Are they connected? Or just a tragic coincidence?

Watch more on Chelsey Coe’s Disappearance. HERE.





Jen is the host of the missing persons podcast: "Where are they?”