Case Update: Charges in the Case of Missing Child Harmony Montgomery

5 min readAug 25

**This story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers**

Harmony Montgomery was a cute, sweet, and innocent five-year-old girl when she was last seen in 2019.

But, similar to the Oakley Carlson case, Harmony wasn’t reported as missing for quite some time. In fact, it was the persistence of her biological mom, who didn’t have custody, that finally resulted in a missing report being filed in December of 2021.

However, Harmony’s biological mom had tried for months and months for someone to listen to her about Harmony, but no one would. She had previously lost custody of the little girl due to her own drug issues, and Harmony had been placed, along with her little brother, in a foster home. Harmony’s foster parents adored her and her brother and had hoped to adopt them both.

Harmony, even though just a very young child herself, was very protective of her little brother. When she was told the courts awarded custody back to her biological father, she was devasted to leave her brother. She left behind a doll of hers for him to keep and protect him. To this day, he still remembers fondly his older sister.

Harmony’s biological dad had drug and criminal charges of his own to deal with. So why he was able to get custody of Harmony remains a question that many people want answered to this day.

When Harmony was finally reported as missing, her father, Adam, said that he had given her back to her mother. But that wasn’t true.

Adam’s wife at the time, Kayla, also said Adam had given her back to her mother, as far as she knew.

Harmony MontgomeryPhoto byCrystal Renee Sorey

But later Kayla admitted that she had lied.

Adam and Kayla had been evicted from a home in December 2019 and were living in their car, along with their two sons and Harmony.

Kayla finally opened up and told authorities what really happened.

Kayla told authorities that on December 7, 2019, the family five of them- were living in a borrowed car when Harmony had an…


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